Micromoves Part 4

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I hope you took a moment to watch the short training video on the micro-moves spreadsheet and that you spent a little time prioritizing the items on your list. If you didn’t, please pause now and watch the training. It’s super valuable.

It’s helpful to see what needs to happen first. It can be a relief to acknowledge things I think I need to do and realize “that can wait”. This enables me to focus on the most important actions needed to move forward.

I invite you to look at the top 3 actions you can take to get you closer to the result you’re after.

Assess your upcoming week. Where do you have time and space to work on this? Be realistic and intentional about what actions you can take this week.

For example, if you know you have a big chunk of time on Wednesday afternoon, and you work well in the afternoons, schedule something then. Personally, I work really well in the mornings, after my morning routine and meditation when I am clear-headed and energetic. It’s a great time for me to work on tasks that require a lot of mental focus.

Look at your list of micro-moves. Look at your week. Choose 3 action items/micro-moves you can commit to doing this week. Circle them, put them in your calendar, scheduling with others and yourself as needed.

Be sure that you’re tied into the intention behind those moves. Most importantly, how are you going to feel when you get that thing done? Infuse each tiny action step with clear intention and high energy.

For me, one of my actions might be: reconcile my accounts. The intention: clarity. How I’ll feel when it’s done is: like a badass.

I hope this has been useful. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to share in the comments, or connect with me on social media... what are the 3 actions you’re taking, what’s the intention behind them, and how are you going to feel when those are done? I would love to celebrate with you!