Let it be. Your heart is so brave.

Not every day is a frolic through the lush green grass on a beautiful day.
Somedays it’s a swim in salt water during a storm while wearing steel boots.
AND you have tools for the storm. You don’t have to keep choking on the salt water.
A wholehearted life is a commitment to clarity and listening to your heart.
Not forcing a perfect life vision and bulldozing your way there.
I want to share with you a reminder that you have access to tools each and every day whether you have lush green grass, or salt water slapping your face. Take a moment now to STOP and go grab your calendar or notepad. 
Get settled. Take a deep breath.
As you sit here at the beginning of your week I want you to tap into three things that are important to you or that you value.
This could be being present with your family, prayer or meditation, taking care of your body, connecting with friends, playing with a new business idea….  Or maybe it’s love, peace, joy, strength, courage….
Whatever pops up just let it be and write it down in your calendar or notepad.
Now I want you to visualize yourself in those moments. Maybe you are at the gym or carving out times in your day to pray or meditate. Perhaps you need time to decompress between work and home to get present for the evening. I want you to since into 5 actions this week that would support your values and place them on your calendar. These actions should feel aligned with your values that you created.
Now, put them in your week. I want them to feel light and supportive.
As you take this on, you do have tools by simply being part of the Wildhearted community.
If you are new to meditation and it calls to you, you can commit to joining theSacred Circle Meditation Group from Wildhearted. I promise you, we all started somewhere, so just let it be. If you feel pulled to guided meditations join us on Insight Timer. However your meditation looks, it is perfectly fine.
Journaling is a powerful tool for gratitude and reflection. Maybe you are new to journaling so we have created prompts for you within our community blog.
Dance is another great way to work the body AND to shake off the day! It’s a great way to create presence and children love it too! Visit the Spotify profile to access a few fun dance lists and MOVE THAT BODY.    
If you crave connection with individuals committed to a joyful, wholehearted life, our Facebook page, Instagram page, YouTube and Twitter are all places we come together to circle up in uplifting conversations. Feel supported to play in any of these groups! 
If you want to dive into a dedicated community of people putting both feet in for a wholehearted life, perhaps the Wholehearted online course is meant for you.
Wherever you are, let it be. Tell your heart I hear you, I love you