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From the beginning, I held an intention in my heart with every Wildhearted retreat for people to have a real and undeniable experience of who they are at their true nature. I wanted people to experience tapping into the sacred place within themselves that would change everything. More than that, I wanted them to leave with tools that would allow them to return to that place over and over again.
As an unexpected side effect to the retreat experience, people have gotten really clear about what they want and give themselves permission to have it. They’ve had a taste of their true nature and they get that they are worthy and deserving. They realize it’s okay to let their heart want what it wants and to let their heart lead. So, they start doing that and, the next thing you know, they are ready to MOVE on a long-held passion or dream!
That’s how WildFire was born…it is a product of the natural progression of the wild heart expressed in the world. It is a dream made viable.
People leave retreat with this clarity and desire, BUT what they don’t have is the wherewithal to make it come alive.
It takes something to move an idea from conception to birth.
If you are just starting out and getting ready to move, there is a LOT of stuff to shed and new stuff to put in place. You have to develop new capacities, build new muscles and put structures in place.
I am not the same girl that I was when I first had the vision of leading retreats. My capacities have far exceeded what they were then.
But I didn’t do it on my own. 
I did it with support.
Someone who had gone where I wanted to go and was willing to reach back and hold my hand, encourage me, teach me very specific things--and it made all the difference for me.
We all need that…someone who can show us the way.
That is what WildFire gives you.
The purpose of WildFire is to get up under your passion or dream and provide you with:

  • mental and emotional shifts

  • clarity

  • structural foundation

  • support

All of which are necessary to bring your dream to life.
If you’re holding on to a dream that you are ready to birth into the world…then c’mon, c’mon, let’s play!
If not now, then…when? What are you waiting for?