Three Words you NEED to Remember...

We’ve been talking about that thing we all do where we convince ourselves “If only this would happen, then I could be happy.” It’s a trick our mind plays on us to convince us that someday is going to be better than this day.
First, I asked you to pay attention to where you are believing this lie: “If this, then that.”
Then I asked you to dig deeper and get to the core of what you really want to experience by asking “Then what?”
So today I want to offer you three words you can turn to as often as necessary to re-presence this conversation….ready?

This. Is. It.
This is it.

This is my life. Right now. Right here.
This is it.
There is no someday. When I get to someday---guess what? It’ll be now!
THIS is it.
Someday never comes. We never get there. We never arrive. It’s always here.
This is IT!
This is our life. It’s happening right now.
I do not mean: “This is it…it will never get better…I should just give up.” <--- NO! This ISN’T that. It is an acceptance of where we are---not with resignation and defeat, but in acceptance of reality and the truth of the current moment we are in.
These are the cards in your hands. You can spend energy wishing you’ll have different cards, but ultimately you have to play the cards that are in your hand. You don’t get new ones until you play the ones you’re dealt. When you remember “this is it,” your situation becomes:
These are the cards in my hand.
What am I going to do?
How am I going to play?
Who am I going to be about it?
And, something we can all count on--something that will always be true beyond anything else--is that IT will change. Whether it’s amazing, or the worst situation we’ve ever been in--whatever it is--it’s temporary.
When we say “This is it,” and accept the moment fully--just as it is--then we have all our energy and resources available to respond in a way that feels honoring of who we are and how we want to show up in the world.
Stick that in your heart and pull it out when you need it. If you’re hurried, wishing, striving, waiting for your someday --- then give yourself a little kick in the ass and tell yourself: THIS IS IT.
Right now, my life is happening…who am I going to be about it?