Wildhearted Meditation Resources

It’s always my intention to let my intuition to lead me in my business, life, and relationships…that’s how I want to live.
Sometimes your heart says to take a left when you don’t expect it. That’s how it feels for Virtual Circle…Virtual Circle has been such a beautiful place to serve the community, be with people and share our love of meditation and spirituality. However, it’s time for that chapter to be complete because there is something else preparing to take its place….and I want to make the space for whatever that may be.
I will still be releasing free guided meditations monthly through Insight Timer. Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletters and always be the first to know!
The Sacred Circle Group will remain the place to share resources, connect with one another and share all things meditation and mindfulness. If you haven’t already joined this sweet community, I invite you to come on in!

For now, I want to leave you with this guided meditation for Releasing Resistance. May it support you in making space for new and delightful experiences.

Be open to whatever may come next.