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Living Life on the Edge

Wild One,
I’m coming to you from Arizona where I’m literally sitting on the edge of Horseshoe Bend. (Click to watch or listen)
We talk a lot about "living on the edge"—the concept comes up during retreat and I use this analogy throughout my work. So as I sit on the edge of this massive natural wonder it feels like a timely topic to discuss with you.
It’s my belief that there’s a life that wants you—to be lived and expressed through you…a purpose you’re meant to fulfill which requires you to step into unknown territory.
For many people, making a move toward the life that wants them feels like standing on the edge of something like this…

Edge of Horseshoe Bend Arizona

And it is scary.
When you’re on the edge of something your palms are sweaty, your heart is racing, and you feel like you might die. It makes sense because the person you are now, in some ways, has to die so you can be the person you’re meant to become.
Many people can’t stand that discomfort—the edginess—so they stay the same.

If you’re not living the life you want to live and you want to be all you were meant to become, then you have to move into unknown territory. It will feel like being on the edge of something. It might feel scary. If you wait for that edgy feeling to go away, or if you wait for the shakiness to subside, or wait for that racing heart to stop…you’ll never move.
We have to be willing to move beyond this metaphorical edge--and we can’t wait for that edgy feeling to go away before we do.
Are you ready to make your move?
Who is it that you’re meant to become, and are you ready to become her?