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This is for you if...

You are feeling stuck and unsure about your life and your purpose.

You desire freedom and confidence to go after what you really want.

You are ready to release guilt, anxiety and shame.

You want to feel at ease in your body and in your life.

You are hungry for deeper connections and greater fulfillment.

You are ready to reclaim your power.

You know it's your time to shine.

Photo courtesy of Robin Finney

Photo courtesy of Robin Finney

Dare to let your own wild heart lead the way

Awaken to the beauty, truth and divinity within you.

Free yourself from the shoulds and have-to's that are holding you back.

Discover your inherent power to create.

Experience profound freedom, peace and joy. 

Fall in love with yourself and your life.

Show Up

Wildhearted Retreats are an exploration into creative living and into the deepest desires of your heart. We will use a combination of meditation + dance + journaling + play to uncover and transcend limiting beliefs and release stored energy in the body.

We will redefine what it means to live our most creative and celebrated lives.

No special expertise or prior meditation experience is needed to attend.

Just an open heart and a willing spirit.

I don’t have to have ALL the answers in order to move forward around something that I want to have or create in my life. I’ll be kinder, gentler with me. I’ll stand my ground and set boundaries for me. I’ll be seen, vulnerable even when I’m scared. I’ll take more risks. Source has my back!
— Kim W.
I had the answers within me and I needed to tap into that essence by getting grounded.
— Allison F.

One Magical Week Changes Everything

We will meet daily to meditate, write, talk, dance, laugh, cry, play and create.

We will get still. Really still. And in that stillness you will be able to hear the deepest truths within you. They are there, waiting for your courage to listen and honor them.

We will dance. Madly and with reckless abandon. We will move our bodies through the trauma, the grief, the pain and into exquisite joy and lightness of being. It will be nothing short of Divine.

We will play. We'll let go of looking good and doing it right to experience the childlike wonder of the world around us. It will be delightful and it will infuse you with the pure joy of being alive.

We will see each other and you will meet yourself in a whole new way. Your beauty, your strength, your sensuality and your courage. You will fall in love with the woman in the mirror.

Together we will explore, discover, release and celebrate. You will experience newfound freedom to move and be in the world. You will experience profound peace. You will touch the very center of your true nature which is unconditional love itself and it will change everything. 

You will leave the retreat with a new family of open-hearted and like-minded souls that have witnessed your journey and held space for your transformation. The connections you will make are priceless.


2020 Dates & Locations Coming Soon

At any point I have the power to choose what I want. I can see that how I’ve been living is a result of fear and doubt in myself. Now I feel the barriers have been broken and I can do anything.
— Robin F.

REFRESHING — The gain of friendships and camaraderie, along with mixing self discovery, meditation and photography creates the perfect Wildhearted experience.
— Cheryl S.