Chasing Carrots

Are you chasing carrots?
You know what I’m talking about…it’s the thing we all do. We convince ourselves: Once we do this then we’ll be that.
Once we get the raise…
Once we move into the new house…
Once we find the love…
Once we have the baby…
I playfully call this “chasing carrots,” because there is this “thing” dangling in front of us and we believe once we get it, then we will be happy.
In my own life, and in my business, I have a tendency to believe “Once I reach this level of achievement or this level of success, then I will really be fulfilled.”
To be aware of this and not buy into this illusion is a constant practice.
So today I invite you to bring some awareness and attention to where you may be doing this in your own life.

Here are a few places you can start looking immediately:
Anywhere you may be waiting. Is there something specific you’re waiting for? There’s a good chance you’re believing that once you have it then something will be different.
Anywhere you may feel hurried. Do you feel like you’re racing toward something, because once you get there then something magical will happen?

Anywhere you may have a sense of striving. Striving has a sense of strain to it---it’s distinct from going after or playfully creating something. It has a tense energy similar to chasing.
Begin to look at those places and explore the idea “what do I really believe will be different once I arrive?” start to tell the truth to yourself.
It may help you to put it into an “IF, THEN” structure:
If I get here then I will be _______.
If I do this then ______.
If this person does this then _____.
If this finally happens then _______.
Where are you believing “If this, then that?”
I can tell you right now---whatever it is---it’s a lie. It’s a lie that we all believe! We’ll get into this a little more next week.
Try this exercise out and let me know how it goes.