Wholehearted Yeses and Nos

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We live wholeheartedly when our thoughts, feelings and who we’re being in the world are in sync. In other words, when we are being honest and true to ourselves and living aligned with our authentic values. Definite power and freedom comes from living in this wholehearted way.
I challenge you to notice what it feels like in your body when you tell the truth. Even when simply choosing the clothes you will wear for the day or what you’ll have for dinner, check in and notice -- what does truth feel like for me?
Let’s expand this practice further.
Let’s talk about wholeheartedly saying yes and no. Are there some areas of your life where you say yes when you really want to say no? And/or, do you ever say no because for some reason you think you should, even though everything in your heart is screaming yes?
This is a great practice field, since we get many opportunities each day to say yes and no. There is ample opportunity to practice tuning into the truth when it comes to giving truthful answers.
This is your work for the week: take a pause whenever someone asks you a question, extends an invitation or makes a request of you -- whenever you are given an opportunity to say yes or no.
Remember what it felt like in your body to tell the truth. Take a few deep breaths and answer with whatever is true for you -- regardless of how challenging or scary it may be.
For example, a friend invites you to go out to dinner on Saturday night. Your mind may tell you you should do that, because they’re your friend and it will be fun. However, when you breathe into it, the idea feels stressful. You have a busy weekend planned and really just want to spend a quiet evening at home. Be willing to risk disappointing them and say no anyway.
Take it to the practice field in relationship to saying yes or no.
You are courageous; you can do it! Notice how liberating it is to tell the truth and to say yes or no wholeheartedly.
If you have any questions about this exercise, feel free comment below. And download the pdf below for journal prompts to support you.