Micromoves Part 1

Ignite a life of Passion with Micro-Moves: Part 1

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Have you heard this term before? It’s one of my favorite topics to discuss at retreats.

We’ll start by looking at what a micro-move is and why it’s so potent. Then we’ll look at a result you want in your life and we’ll go through the process of choosing a life goal you want to achieve so we can break it down into micro-moves. Overall, taking a deeper look at the components necessary to get you in action..

First of all, what is a micro-move?

What we know about living a creative life, is that a clear intention matched with an elevated emotion is a recipe for creation. This comes directly from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work.

A micro-move is a tiny step that is infused with clear intention and high energy.

I have created a simple tool that will help you get to the heart of this. It guides you to define the micro-move you’re committed to taking and to get clear on why you’re taking it, as well as how you’ll feel when it has been accomplished. In this way, you’ll be tied into your intention and you’ll know what energy is needed to get the best results. Download your Micro-moves journal prompt here. 

Let’s begin our exploration of micro-moves by looking at what micro-moves you’re already making in your life and how they are working to help you achieve your goals. Micro-moves can be little habits or rituals, like making the bed each morning after waking up or drinking plenty of water.

Next week, we’ll look at something we want to accomplish and how we can attack it with micro-moves.


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