Beliefs Part 4

Let's talk about BELIEF - Part 4!

How did that go? Did you play with your belief and come up with some new things that you could believe in this area?
To recap, I was working on the area of work, where I wanted ease but often felt anxiety. I was living inside a belief that anything worth having required sacrifice and hard work. This wasn’t a belief I wanted to hold on to. It was causing me to over complicate things. It was leading me to dismiss what came easily rather than embracing, celebrating and making the most of it.
I played around with this belief and various things I could say instead. Here’s what I settled on:

“Hard work is overrated.”

It has a quality of playfulness. I value hard work, determination, perseverance, commitment, grit and all that jazz; that’s already ingrained for me. This new thought, “Hard work is overrated” feels like a relief. It makes light of the issue, and it really works for me. It’s something I’ve started to say to myself over and over and to put into practice.

What’s the use of a new belief if it doesn’t then shape your actions and your results?

I began to catch myself overcomplicating things. I could see where a project was good and I had an impulse to tweak it to death, adding things that could enhance it but would also delay it. I started to ask myself, Is that necessary or can it be good enough as it is?
It allowed me to start dropping perfectionism and quit complicating the shit out of things. It let good enough be good enough.

It let done be better than perfect.

Are you, like me, someone who continues to work on things endlessly and never finish because you’re always messing with it? That’s overrated, too.
To take on the belief that hard work is overrated enabled me just to get shit done and have it be good enough. It made a tremendous difference in how I work and brought much more ease into my life and business.
How about you? What’s the new belief you’ve come up with and how are you going to embody it? What actions will you take to make it stick?

I invite you to make yourself a little touchstone, a physical reminder of a way of being that you want to adopt in your life. It can be anything from a sticky note on your bathroom mirror to a crystal in your pocket to an intention that you set every morning as you brush your teeth. 

I’ll give you my example that you’re welcome to use if you like. I also suggest that you create one of your own that works for you. I’d create a touchstone - a note on my desk that says, “Let it be easy” or “Done is better than perfect” -- something that connects me to the new belief that I am embedding and embodying in my life.

Thanks for joining me on this belief exploration. I’ll see you next time when we’ll be looking at a whole new topic. See you then!