P L A Y  •  E X P L O R E  •  C R E A T E

Wildhearted Workshops are a intense day of playful exploration and learning! 

Groups are kept small and intimate (6 people max) in order to allow plenty of one-on-one time and to ensure you walk away feeling confident in being able to apply what you've learned.

Workshops are geared specifically towards those using Digital SLR cameras.



T O P I C S   C O V E R E D

  • How your camera works to capture light
  • The dance between Aperture + Shutter Speed and how it changes the look of your photos
  • Composing an image for maximum impact
  • How to use natural light for beautiful portraits
  • Hands-on practice applying all the techniques taught

Ashlie has a way of teaching and mentoring that makes me feel at ease, capable, and extremely loved.
— Robin F.


U P C O M I N G   D A T E S

May 1st, 2016  •  2pm-5pm

Dallas Arboretum Gardens

Y O U   R E C E I V E

  • Hands-on instruction and practice shooting together.
  • Registration into the Everyday Photography Workshop, an online class for beginners.
  • Access to a private Facebook community.


  • Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather as we will be playing outside.
  • Apply sunscreen and bug spray at your discretion.
  • Be sure your camera battery is fully charged and you have plenty of memory space to take photos.
  • Bring along a notebook + a pen, a picnic blanket or towel to sit on and a bottle of water.