You’re a high achieving, make-it-happen kind of woman

You know how to get shit done

You know what it's like to juggle many roles and wear all the hats. You’re no stranger to responsibility, in fact, you rarely shy away from a challenge.

You’re always looking for ways to grow and expand yourself. You’re committed to living a life that feels meaningful, satisfied and fulfilled.

But more often than you’d like to admit, you feel overwhelmed — like you’re running in circles on a hamster wheel that you’re not sure how to hop off of.

You have cycles of intense drive that are at times followed with self-doubt or disappointment — never feeling truly satisfied.

Each time you start a new project you believe the results will be different, but you somehow find yourself in that same familiar spot — burned out, overwhelmed and just wanting to crawl into bed, pull the covers over your head and hide from it all.

Or maybe your head is running wild with ideas but you can never seem to catalyze yourself into action. You feel defeated before you even begin.

You're doing all the things you should do to create a happy life, yet it feels like something vital is still eluding you. Where’s the time to slow down and consider what you want? How can you focus on what you need when there are so many things on your plate?

You can’t possibly stop what you’re doing.

If you did, it might all fall apart


I get it, I’ve been there

I used to run at 90 miles per hour doing all the things that I thought would make me happy and everything that other people expected of me to make them happy.

My calendar was overflowing with activities. I’d run from work, to class, then to my volunteer gig with zero downtime. I remember my grandma telling me...

“Don’t be so busy with life that you miss your life”

Even though deep down I knew otherwise, I had convinced myself I was living a fulfilled life.

The truth is I was running away from my heart — from what I deeply and truly wanted for myself. I did everything I thought I was supposed to do. And yet, I felt empty.

Can you identify with that feeling?

IMG_3431 (1).jpg

It wasn't until a trusted mentor said to me …

“Notice what it feels like in your body when you tell the truth”


Tuning in to my body for guidance seemed like a radical idea. But it turned out to be the first step in my profound, personal transformation. And, the more I began to practice it, the more ready and willing I could feel the answers within my body.

Everything changed the moment I began trusting the wisdom within me.

My path became clear. I finally saw a way out of the overwhelm, anxiety and pressure that had impacted my life for so long.

I began truly listening to my heart and trusting where it desired to lead me. I courageously began taking big and bold actions. I stopped saying yes when I really wanted to say no.

I gave up trying to please others or feeling responsible for their happiness.

Once I truly and wholeheartedly started letting my heart lead the way I …

  • left a well paying job that didn’t align with my values

  • got divorced

  • took an epic 15 month trip throughout Southeast Asia and India

  • refined my photography business to only match my passion

  • attained my Integral Coaching Certification, and

  • launched a retreat based business — my ultimate dream

Hear me when I tell you this …

There’s a life that wants to be lived through you. You have a purpose that only you can fulfill.

Let the truth of your heart lead you there


If you’re like I was and longing to live a more meaningful life,

I have something to share with you

I have walked beside and witnessed hundreds of women going through the motions — just like you — holding it all together and hoping that their someday is near.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I know it’s possible to breakthrough because I’ve done it. I stood on the edge of everything I’d ever wanted — with my heart racing and my palms sweating. And, I jumped.

You don't have to wait for someday to start trusting and listening to your own heart. But, you do have to muster the courage to step into uncharted territory.


How would it feel?

To learn how to turn down the noise in your head and tune in to what matters most?

To experience and rely on the freedom of saying No to things that drain your energy?

To be confident in making decisions that resonate with your heart and align with your values?

To stop spinning your wheels being busy and allow more time to do what turns you on and makes you feel most alive?

The truth is …

You could continue doing what you’re doing right now and be just fine. You’ll be rewarded for making things happen and you’ll have a “fine” and “successful” life.

But is that enough for you?


Your life has a purpose

If safely going through the motions, day after day, isn’t going to cut it for you, then you’re in the right place.

I knew my life was meant for something more and I was hungry and committed to discovering it. I also knew that to truly make the changes I wanted, it would mean doing things in a way I had not done them before.

I was ready

I know you are, too


That’s why I created


In Wholehearted you will learn …

  • How to give yourself space to truly hear your heart when your head is trying to lead the way

  • The role of the head and the role of the heart, the purpose each one plays in your life and how to distinguish between themespecially when it feels confusing and unclear

  • The ways to quiet your mind and use your body as an instrument for tapping into intuition and clarity

  • How to create and maintain clear, firm and healthy boundaries

  • What it means to live a wholehearted life and what you can expect to encounter as you commit to living in this way

  • Practices that help you deal powerfully with challenges and move through your days with grace, ease, and joy


Wholehearted is for you if

  • You’re willing to listen to your heart and live a life that feels true for you

  • You know there is a higher purpose for your life and you want to fulfill it

  • You want to feel confident and empowered in your decision making

  • You desire more joy, freedom and self-expression in every arena of your life

  • You’re committed to cultivating healthy, authentic, loving relationships with boundaries that support you

  • You’re willing to stop and discover that things will not fall apart

  • You want to make a difference in the world in a way that doesn’t require sacrificing yourself, but actually gives you more freedom

Wholehearted is NOT for you if

  • You’re unwilling to tell the truth about what’s not working in your life

  • You’re committed to staying busy as an excuse

  • If the immediate shit on your to-do list will always win out

  • You’re committed to keeping people around you happy and are unwilling to risk disappointing them

  • You won’t push through the discomfort of creating new behaviors

  • You don’t think you’re worthy of having an amazing life

Ashlie’s coaching and listening have provided the space I needed to actually hear what my heart is saying.

My mind is always judging, assessing and evaluating. Taking time for yourself for coaching or going on a retreat gives you the space to unpack the thinking and then you can finally be open to listening.

When I started listening to my heart I was pulled to be closer to my friends and the energy that made me happy. Now that I feel I’m in alignment, I’m not swimming upstream anymore, I’m actually going with the flow. I’m trying new things.

Understanding what I need to feel the way I want to feel, helps me set goals. I can put actions in place to achieve those goals. If I start missing my goals and not taking the actions it’s a feeling in my body that I know that I’m out of integrity. So without judgment I can go back to goals and look and see where am I out of alignment? Where can I restore my integrity?
— Treon K.


Imagine yourself

  • Feeling confident in seeking your own inner guidance system when in doubt

  • Prioritizing your own needs as just as important as other’s

  • Dropping self-imposed should’s that feel heavy and restrictive

  • Being authentic and self-expressed in every area of your life

  • Living a big life infused with meaning and purpose

Will you dare to let your own heart lead the way?


The next round of Wholehearted begins

January 6, 2020

Live Calls EVERY Monday for Seven Consecutive Weeks:

Calls are ONE hour followed by optional Q+A Session

10am-11am PST / 12pm-1pm CST / 1pm-2pm EST

  • January 6th

  • January 13th

  • January 20th

  • January 27th

  • February 3rd

  • February 10th

  • Celebration Session February 17th


I invite you to join me

And a community of like-minded women who are going through a similiar experience to you.

Let go of doing it all on your own. If you’re reading this, I know you’re ready and willing to let your heart lead the way.

There’s no need to wait for someday. Your time is now. 

From my wildheart to yours,


When you work with Ashlie you can expect an invitation to get in touch with your heart — to learn and understand your deepest desires in a way you never have. Her style is gentle and warm and she’ll invite you to explore different playgrounds of focus. After a few sessions, her sweet voice begins to meld with, and overtake, those negative tracks that have taken up space in your mind.

My first retreat with Ashlie was equal parts calming and unsettling. Soothing and disruptive. Introspective and outwardly focused. From the first night when we were invited to “settle in” all the way through Day 4 (or was it 5? maybe 6? believe me you lose count) where we danced and were encouraged to express our emotions physically this was an experience of juxtaposition. It is a life-changing experience and you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of the powerful creation that your life is just waiting to become. Words truly cannot do Wildhearted Retreats justice, they, like Ashlie, must be experienced.

Growing my business wasn’t initially one of the reasons I embarked on the coaching and retreat journey with Ashlie. But once you start realizing all that is possible— all that is just waiting for you to claim — you really can’t help but step into it. After my retreat in Guatemala I immediately adopted a growth vs comfort mindset, and within a few weeks I was able to identify and strive for levels I didn’t even know I wanted.
— Jennifer F.

Hello Wild One, I’m Ashlie

I believe you are infinitely powerful and inherently creative. My work is about you knowing that truth, in the most undeniable of ways, so that you can embody it in every area of your life.

My journey to freedom began over a decade ago when I attended a weekend workshop and discovered that I wasn't broken. That life-changing moment propelled me along an endless path of self-love and authentic living.

In the decade since, I've come to know the wholeness of who I am, to trust my intuition for guidance, and to believe that I am worthy of what I most desire.

I believe there is nothing sweeter or more liberating than loving ourselves exactly the way we are. 

The next round of Wholehearted begins January 6th, 2020

What recent participants are saying:

Ashlie this opportunity to take this came at a time when I was sincerely overbooked. I did it anyway and I’m glad I did. I’m also glad that I have all of the material so that I can continue to work the process. The whole program was more than I expected. Thank you!
Quieting the ‘noise’ present in my head and being patiently present to what is within me brings me to a place of acceptance and peace.
When you say “connect to your heart”, “follow your dreams” those are too big of moves if you don’t know how to do that or if life has caused you to forget it. I liked the way Ashlie broke it down into steps and systematized the process. My greatest take away is to do the steps and trust the process instead of analyzing how to get to the outcome I want. It really is getting my head out of the way and letting my heart lead.
There is within me great power and magic. Whole<3’d helped me to access that.
I love you, Ashlie! You are an amazing life coach. I am so glad I can continue to listen to the recordings whenever I need to. Sometimes things resonate with me differently one season than another. You’ve been great and I appreciate your insight and love for life.
Wholehearted is a whole lot of fun inspiration powerfully led by one bright shiny insightful compassionate soul sister. Weekly lessons, practices, sharing and coaching to help you excavate your beautiful heart.
I have a lot of fears to face, but I am a lot more self-confident than I thought!
Ashlie, this opportunity to take this came at a time when I was sincerely overbooked. I did it anyway and I’m glad I did. I’m also glad that I have all of the material so that I can continue to work the process. The whole program was more than I expected. Thank you!
I can live a wholehearted life no matter where I am.
Your presence and acceptance of your emotion, the outward expression in tears, was transformational for me. When I am sharing I’m often moved emotionally, to tears, and wonder when am I going to be able to hold that in. You’ve helped me see I don’t have to.
It is nice to have some tools for achieving a happier way to live & I’m gonna go for it!