Planning For Your Retreat in

Nosara, Costa Rica

Pre-Retreat Checklist:

Schedule your Enneagram Session by September 20th HERE.

Send your Flight Info to

Final payment due by October 1st. Payment link HERE.

Flight Information:

The major international airport in Costa Rica is in San Jose which is almost 5 hours from Nosara by shuttle. Another option is to fly into Liberia which is about a 2.5 hour ride from that airport to the retreat center.

There is a small community airport in Nosara and several Costa Rican airlines that fly into there - Nature Air & Sansa - from either San Jose or Liberia making that the most convenient route to our destination and the prices are super reasonable.

I will likely fly into either SJO or Liberia and catch a little flight directly to Nosara.

  • Plan to arrive at the retreat center in Nosara by 7pm so you have plenty of time to settle in, have dinner and get some good rest.

  • Consider needed travel time to the airport when planning your return flight home.

  • I suggest you begin to track the flight options using Kayak trip watcher (or similar) or by using an app. I personally use and like Hopper ( Once you have your flights booked, please forward your itinerary to me.

  • Be sure that your passport is up to date with at least 6 valid months before expiration. There is no visa entry fee to enter Costa Rica but you will pay $7 exit fee in either USD or Costa Rican Colones.

Shuttle Reservations:

Terra Tour is the recommended company to use for securing a shuttle to/from the airport to Nosara. If you arrive directly into the little airport in Nosara there will be taxi’s available to take you to Costa Rica Yoga Spa.

Health + Safety:

  • Costa Rica is a developing country and while I do not have any concerns about our safety, I still recommend practicing caution and good common sense while traveling abroad.

  • The retreat center is tucked away and safe. That said, leave your valuable jewelry at home and don't be flashy with your electronics or money while at the airport or in the city.

  • You can read about healthy and safety concerns for Costa Rica on the Center for Disease Control website here as well as recommendations for vaccines. It is up to you to do research and decide if you want to opt for the various vaccines available.

  • If you take regular medications or need to have emergency meds on hand (like inhalers or EpiPens) make sure you have an adequate supply upon arrival. While basic toiletries and necessities will be available, things like this will be more difficult to procure once you arrive.

  • Some people like to take out travel insurance when they travel abroad. Again, this is totally up to you. There are several good companies that offer it. and are good places to start.


  • Most excursions booked ahead of your trip can be paid via credit card but anything you might choose to do once you arrive will likely require you to pay in USD or local currency.

  • Restaurants and shops you might visit will likely take USD but you will undoubtedly pay a higher fee than if you pay in local currency which is Colones.

  • ATM's offer the best rates and there are two in the town of Nosara and likely one at the airport you arrive into. It’s also possible to order money from your bank before you come. I'd recommend $100-$200 worth of Colones and some USD on hand. You'll really just want the local currency for shopping around town.

  • Notify your bank and credit card company that you’ll be traveling out of the country so you can use your cards without problems.

Optional Activities:

You'll have one full day off during our week for exploring the area, going on a local excursion or simply lounging around the jungle retreat center. I’ll be posting more information about the options as we get closer to retreat time.

Internet/Phone Service:

I highly recommend that you set yourself up to be as unplugged and offline as possible for the one week you're on retreat. It will support you greatly in quieting your mind and getting the results you want from the retreat. That said, I know some of you are parents and will need to at least check in at times throughout the week. 

There is internet at Costa Rica Yoga Spa so it will be possible to connect and send messages over wifi but jungle internet is spotty and unreliable so know that ahead of time (and prep your people for that). Also, the speed and bandwidth will not support uploading or downloading files so load your kindle before you come :)

I recommend you download Whatsapp to your phone for easy text-like messaging while you're away. Just be sure your loved ones have it installed on their phone too. 

Contact Info for Costa Rica Yoga Spa:

Phone: 1-888-533-6461

Address: 300 metros Sur de Rio Montaña ~ Nosara, Guanacaste ~ Costa Rica 50206

Packing List:

This packing list will be updated periodically and I will share my personal packing choices as we get closer to retreat time. Listed below are the not-so-obvious suggestions/reminders.

  • Sunglasses + Sunscreen.

  • A light poncho for a rainy jungle day.

  • Sentimental jewelry, crystals, tokens that you want charged up in retreat energy. Leave all your expensive stuff at home!

  • Any medications you regularly take or might need (epi-pens, etc)

  • Clothes that are comfy, light and allow you to move freely.

  • We will have a celebratory dinner on Friday night. It's casual (shoes are optional) but special so I invite you to pack something that feels super good and sweet to put on. I brought one of my favorite cotton dresses.

  • Feel free to leave your make-up at home if you please. This is a come-as-you-are kind of week.

  • A waterproof bag if you have one for the beach.

  • A sarong or light cover up for beach going.

  • Leave some extra ROOM in your bag for taking stuff home :)