Spark Magic

January 9th - 13th, 2019

Enrollment open to Wildhearted Retreat Alumni Only

$1850 Double Occupancy


  • The life-changing work we will do together.

  • Two Coaching Calls - A powerful intention setting call prior to the retreat and one following the retreat to support you in integrating your new tools and insights into your life.

  • 4 nights double occupancy accommodation.

  • Healthy, conscious, lovingly prepared meals each day including welcome dinner upon arrival and breakfast prior to your departure.


Transformation Is Your Way of Life


You know the power of taking a giant step back from your routine and your life in order to gain a fresh perspective. You’ve experienced how a shift in perspective changes the way you see everything and how it provides you with an injection of possibility in every area of your life. You’ve tasted the clarity and peace that inevitably results from bringing what was previously unconscious out into the light for validation and healing. You’ve benefited from the courageous actions taken from a clear, heart-centered place.

You know the power of retreat

This retreat is open exclusively to those who have previously attended at least one Wildhearted Retreat and are committed to transformation as a way of life. This prerequisite allows for a deeper level of engagement and conversation as we start from a different baseline and a shared language.

There are a limited number of spots available

If you are ready for a shift in energy, this is a timely opportunity and potent way to kick off the new year. Grab a spot on my calendar and let’s explore if it’s a fit for you and the group.


An Intimate Retreat Experience

This retreat will likely feel like one big slumber party!

We’ll all be staying together, sharing rooms (and even beds, in some cases), eating and dining in the house, living and playing together for three full days. It’s an experience of community and togetherness that is sure to fill your soul and send you home rejuvenated, aligned and clear.


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