A Custom Designed One-on-One Retreat Experience


You’re ready for change, there’s no need to wait.

You know the power of taking a giant step back from your routine and your life in order to gain a fresh perspective.

You’ve experienced how a shift in perspective changes the way you see everything and how it provides you with an injection of possibility in every area of your life.

You’ve tasted the clarity and peace that inevitably results from bringing what was previously unconscious out into the light for validation and healing.

You’ve benefited from the courageous actions taken from a clear, heart-centered place.

You know the power of retreat

If you are ready to engage in the next layer of healing, get clear around a particular area of life or it’s time to just shake things up a bit — and you know a retreat experience can be the most reliable way to get the results you want — this is for you.


What does your heart need?

A private retreat is unique in that it is designed to with your intentions and your desires in mind. All aspects of your retreat are curated to support you in fulfilling those intentions. It’s just you and me, focusing attention on your life and what matters most to you.


Riviera Maya, Mexico

Openings beginning February 2019

The Riviera Maya is one of my favorite areas of the world. The pristine beaches, the warm culture, the rare and special ecological sites and the overall beauty that permeates the air makes it the perfect place to relax, reflect, create and play.

Your retreat will be a 4 day/3 night all inclusive package that will make traveling to Mexico a total breeze. The only thing not included is your airfare and any personal shopping.


How it works

First, get quiet and check in with your heart. Is this the next right move for you? Do you feel the opportunity is speaking to your heart?

If yes, here’s what’s next …

Submit the application using the link below and I’ll reach out to set up a exploratory phone call. I feel it’s important that we ensure it’s a good fit for the both of us. After all, we’ll be spending a lot of time together.

If we’re both ready to move forward, you’ll submit your payment.

An intention setting call will then be scheduled and I will support you in honing in on exactly what you most need and desire from your retreat experience.

From there I’ll get busy coordinating the trip details to ensure you have a fabulous time and leave with the transformation you came for!

My normal urge to gogogogo and anxiety was gone and I felt like I could see clearly what was important and not important in my life. I was able to finish a project that seemed to never be complete. It was simple. I just did what had to be done without overplanning or overanalyzing.
— Ellen E.
Ashlie is an amazing spirit that I can’t get enough of. She is a walking resource for all things in personal growth. She inspires me daily. She opened my eyes to how big and wonderful life could really be. The strength and wisdom she has provided me over the years is invaluable. Her Wildheartred Retreats will transform your life.
— Angel D.