Redefine Yourself

Together we will explore aspects of yourself that you most want to celebrate and create ways to bring that to life through imagery. We look at who you are becoming and how our work together can enable you to more powerfully step into new ways of being in the world. It's an experience that promises to expand your sense of self and leave you feeling truly seen.

And the results were frankly breathtaking. I couldn’t argue with the evidence before me, that I showed up in those portraits as beautiful, powerful, sexy. A woman owning her power. I didn’t look like a skinny supermodel and yet, there I was, stunning.
— Lee B.

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Having photographs taken by Ashlie is a one-of-a-kind memorable experience. Before we even scheduled the photoshoot, she hosted a creation call to define what I wanted my photographs to portray. We discussed style and location possibilities as well. She listened in detail to everything I wanted and excelled in meeting my expectations. During the photoshoot, I felt at ease and very comfortable. Her presence was so warming and I could really see her come to life when she was shooting. I highly recommend Ashlie for any portraits you need taken. She is unlike any photographer I’ve ever encountered. And the photographs were absolutely beautiful. She really knows how to play with light to ensure that all of your photos shine.
— Robin F.

Ashlie, you are an absolutely mind blowing photographer! I sent these to my husband and he was dumbfounded! He also said how he has never ever thought anyone had ever captured my essence in a photograph. You are the first! I promise you I will be singing your praises for years! I can’t wait to see what else you have. Deep appreciation!
— Lori D.

Villa Sumaya-647.jpg
Wow is an understatement, Ashlie! This is such an incredible gift you’ve shared with us. So, so, so grateful. Scrolling through these feels like this little portal that takes us straight back into those incredible *sacred* moments...and you didn’t just “take pics”, you captured the magic and the feeling that was experienced in those ceremonies.

The entire retreat was such a blessing on so many levels - surreal, in so many ways - seeing this had me, at times, saying to myself “that REALLY happened!”
— Jyl K. - Retreat Leader