Everyday Photography is an online photography workshop created specifically for beginners that want to feel comfortable using their DSLR camera and confident in their ability to take great photos.

I will walk you through everything you need to know about your camera and break it all down into bite-sized pieces so that you can quickly and easily grasp the knowledge and put it to use. I'm going to take the complexity out of photography so that you can experience the joy of capturing those beautiful everyday moments that make life so sweet.

I promise, it'll be easier than you think!

Workshop includes:

  • 6 Weeks of Easily Digestible Lessons
  • 32 HD Tutorial Videos 
  • Fun Exercises + Creative Assignments
  • Instructor Feedback on Photos
  • Access to the EPW Facebook Community
  • Lifetime Access to the Material Covered
  • Exclusive Discounts on Future Courses
  • Lots of Love + Encouragement
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Everyday Photography Workshop is right for you if ...


You have a digital SLR camera but don't know how to use it.

You're mostly frustrated when you pick up your camera (so you don't bother). All the buttons and dials are confusing. If you shoot it, you leave it on AUTO (which defeats the purpose of having it). You have zero interest in reading the manual.

You want to take really great photos.

You want photos of those special moments, that amazing trip to the mountains, your grandmothers 90th birthday party. You want images that reflect the beauty you see around you and experience every day. 

You are ready to learn.

You've always had an interest in photography but never pursued it. You see things that you know would make beautiful photographs but you aren't sure how to capture them. You're ready to learn something new and bring more creativity and light into your life.


I’m so glad I took this class! It was fun and the lessons are invaluable. Ashlie’s teaching style is open, her critique useful, and her support and love of the art is genuine. I now understand my camera as a creative partner, and the photos are the result of our blissful collaboration. The power to capture the moment exactly as it appeared in my heart is priceless.
— Penny M.


You will learn the fundamentals of great photography.




Photography is all about light. Learn to control the various ways that light comes in the camera so you can confidently create images that reflect the overall look and feel that you are wanting to capture.

Topics covered:

  • Exposure
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO
  • Metering



A blurry photo is a bad photo (generally speaking). Learn techniques to ensure your photos are crisp and sharp every time. Explore how shifting the focus can change the whole story and bring the most important elements to life.

Topics covered:

  • Focal points
  • Focusing modes
  • Lenses + how they impact the photo
  • Techniques for holding steady
  • Plus tips + tricks



Composition is key to a great quality photo. We'll explore the rules of composition and discover how changing perspectives can shift the entire mood of an image. Your photos are about to get much more interesting!

Understand and put to use:

  • Rule of thirds
  • Use of space
  • Perspective

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