Learning to Trust My Wants

At one point in my life the idea of going after what I wanted seemed so self-centered. I grew up in a relatively conservative, religious background and I think it was just sort of this understood or unconscious belief that if we focused on what we wanted we would be selfish, hedonistic people, and it was dangerous to do that.

And then there was this point in my life, this really critical point of change, where a trusted advisor encouraged me to notice what it felt like in my body when I told the truth. That experience allowed me to tap into something I’d never experienced before. I began to understand that what my heart wanted was VALID. That if I could trust my heart and what I knew to be true for me, life got really easy and simple.

I don't have to be afraid of what I want. I don't have to be ashamed of what I want—or going after it. What I’ve come to believe and what I now know to be true is that the things my heart desires are stepping stones to fulfilling my greatest purpose in this life.

Thank you for hearing my story. I’ve created an 8-minute guided meditation + activity to help you explore this for yourself. Enjoy! <3

Ashlie Woods