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What am I really available for? A simple practice to help you get clear.

I want to offer you a tool that I use on a regular basis.
I tend to pull this out when I’m feeling confused or unsure. What recently brought me to do it is that I’m grappling with a big decision where I’m a little unclear, so I’m taking a pause to anchor myself to my commitments and what works for me.
I learned this exercise from the brilliant Darla LeDoux. If you missed the podcast episode interview I did with her about living a heart-led life be sure to check it out!
This practice is SO simple but so powerful. It goes like this:
Grab a sheet of paper and split it down the middle.
Label one side “I’m available for…” and label the other side, “I’m not available for...”.
You can make your lists one of two ways:

1. Brain-dump everything you are available for on one side and then move to the other side and brain-dump everything you are not available for.
2. Bounce from one side to the other and make your way down the list.

It can be very powerful to read your list out loud. Seriously. Go to the bathroom mirror and read the list out loud to yourself. Watch this video to where I read mine aloud.
This was my list:

I am available for making wholehearted choices--wholehearted yeses and nos.

I am not available for making decisions out of obligation or pressure.

I am available for clear boundaries and firm deadlines.

I am not available for fixed rules that leave no room for my heart or spirit’s guidance.

I am available for honoring my own rhythms and cycles.

I am not available for playing by somebody else’s rules.

I am available for learning growing and expanding

I am not available for getting distracted by the next opportunity or thinking that I need something else before I start.

I am available for supporting people to live a heart-lead life.

I am not available for people who aren’t willing to take committed actions.

I am available for being supported.

I am not available for doing it all alone.

I am available for twists and turns that end up in magical unexpected places.

I am not available for spinning my wheels trying to figure it all out.

I am available for courageous leaps of faith.

I am not available for ignoring my heart.

I invite you to do this practice. Read it out loud to yourself and really FEEL the power of what you are, or are not, available for.
Share with me what shows up for you! Comment below or connect with me on social media. I always love to hear from you.

Being Lived

With this 15-minute guided meditation, allow yourself to feel life being lived through you. Inspired by Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, The Power of Intention, I invite you to turn down the volume on your thoughts, allowing them to become like distant background music. To let your heart space expand. To notice how your body is being breathed, without any effort or action on your part. To experience being breathed and feel the life-force energy within you that causes your heart to beat and blood to flow. To experience your body as a rich, vibrant garden and pure intention fulfilling itself in you. To remember: you do not have to try to be who you are. You do not have to find yourself or figure it all out. Your life is unfolding perfectly. Let yourself feel the life-force energy breathing, moving, living you. Rest in this space, experiencing the power of life being lived through you. Know that any moment you can tap into your life-force energy and relax into it, trusting that it always has been and always will be there for you.