Introducing WildFire Coach, Tiffany Bednar

In my live launch of WildFire I mentioned I’ll be working with a real “fire-starter,” Tiffany Bednar. I want to share with you a bit about our journey together over the past year and what led us to collaborate in this new endeavor.
Making a choice to consciously expand my marketing efforts was BIG in my business. It felt like a very bold move and even a risk. But I was very clear that it was the next move for me in terms of becoming more visible and expanding my audience.
Just the other day, in a conversation with some colleagues of mine, I was sharing some of the marketing I’ve been doing and it really had me be present to the ground I’ve covered in the past year with Tiffany.
In that conversation, I suddenly became very aware of how I’ve learned to think like a marketer and expand my vision.
I’ve found it’s less about strategy and specific actions (although that’s a big part of it) and it’s really about thinking in a big-picture way and putting all these dots together to create something beyond what I had originally thought possible.
A year ago I couldn’t have thought of the ideas I think of now. The inspiration that strikes me, and the ease with which I can visualize and bring those ideas to life, is all new territory and has all come about in the last year of working with Tiffany.

It’s really been a game changer for my business.
Now I want you to hear from her. REALLY listen as she shares her story of transformation and the powerful conviction she has in standing for women in business. Open your heart to these passionate and powerful words from Tiffany Bednar.