Infusing Your Day with Gratitude

This 12-minute guided meditation invites you to expand your awareness of the spaciousness within and around you and infuse your daily life with gratitude. To hold an ordinary object in your awareness and look at its details, edges, shape, color and texture with new eyes. To notice your direct experience of this object without the judgement and to sense its energy and simple beauty. To rewind your day, from the moment you woke up to beginning your morning routine to engaging  in the day’s work to, finally, getting into your bed at the end of your day. How might you infuse each experience with gratitude? What can you find to appreciate? What moments would you take a snapshot of, to remember and treasure? What delighted you? What simple pleasures did you enjoy? Where did you see beauty? Open your heart to genuinely experience the gratitude.

Listen to this meditation to relax your body into the softness of your breath and let gratitude permeate every cell of your body and overflow.  

Ashlie Woods