Boundaries: Part 3

What is the Cost of Not Setting Clear Boundaries? 


Ready to continue our exploration of boundaries? Last week, we looked at where our boundaries are in place and where they are lacking. What did you discover are the reasons you use to justify for not drawing clear lines? 


We’ve started to gain insight into where our boundaries are not in place and why -- the underlying beliefs preventing us from maintaining healthy boundaries. We’ve already taken a huge step toward setting healthier, clearer boundaries and have gathered a lot of helpful information to work with. 


Let’s take a deeper look at what happens when we do not set clear boundaries.

Remember the example I shared last week regarding speaking with a potential coaching client? What was it costing me to not have firm boundaries in place around who I am and am not willing to work with? A significant amount of time and energy. Effort and time that could be much better utilized working with compatible clients. 


Not everyone is going to be a good fit, and that’s okay. Continuing to pursue conversations with people who just aren’t ready is a waste of both my time and theirs. Even when I could tell someone wasn’t ready, I would keep trying and inevitably end up feeling frustrated and drained. It was also a drain on my sense of self-expression, making me feel imprisoned.  


Now, when I realize a potential client is not ready, I can say, “I don’t think this work is a good fit for you right now. Here are some resources that could make a difference for you…” and suggest a book, technique or teacher that might inspire them. 


Ask yourself: 

  • What is it costing you not to have clear boundaries in place in your relationships, work/business, health, etc.?  

  • What’s the cost when something is not okay with you and you’re unwilling to speak out and make a change?   

Energy, patience, clarity, self-expression, your power and freedom, to name a few.

What else could you add to this list? 

Next week, we’ll learn how to reclaim our power, well being and freedom by setting effective boundaries. 

Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts on boundaries with me. I’d be honored to hear how this exploration is going for you! 


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