5 Ways to Remember Who You Really Are

It's normal to forget 🤷🏻‍♀️

We forget WHO WE ARE - our brilliance, our goodness, our enormous capacity and our beauty.

When we forget it's painful. We become anxious, lonely, guarded and afraid.

In these moments of forgetfulness we switch to auto-pilot and we rely on old coping strategies to survive. That's just how forgetting works and it happens to all of us. But, it's not exactly the most satisfying way to live 😝

So REMEMBERING is the name of the game 🎯

One of my personal strategies is to give myself LOTS of reminders in the form of touchstones. Reminders about what I'm committed to, where I want to focus my attention and how I want to feel. I have them EVERYWHERE. And they totally help!


Here are 5 ways you can help yourself to remember:

✨1. Write yourself a love note and put it by your bed. Read it each morning as you start your day.

✨2. Infuse a piece of jewelry with a clear intention and then wear it like it's sacred (because it is).

✨ 3. Place sticky notes with POWER words in places you can regularly see them like the dash of your car, inside your refrigerator or tucked in your wallet. Move them around from time to time so you don't go numb to them.

✨ 4. Play a song that makes you feel happy and alive (bonus if you dance it out!). This song always does it for me. Try it out if you need a place to get started.

✨5. Carry an intentionally chosen crystal in your pocket for the day. Reach in to grab it when you need a jolt of confidence or courage.

BONUS --> You can always ask me when you forget! I will happily remind you of the badass, powerful creator that you are 🤘

Ashlie Woods