Do You Let Yourself Have What You Want?

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What do you want?

What does your heart most deeply desire?

Is there something you say that you want, yet you are neither attaining it nor taking inspired action steps toward achieving it?

This concept of moving toward our heart’s desires can be likened to a sort of internal GPS. In order to effectively use a GPS or any kind of map, you first need to know your exact geographic location.

Where are you currently on the map?

Secondly, you need to know exactly where you are going--or, at the very least, to have a good sense of the general direction in which you are heading.

For example, I want to run a business that positively impacts my clients’ lives and is fulfilling for me, as well. I may not know every single step I will take to get there, but I feel certain that this is the general direction in which I’m moving.

Of course, it is ideal to know exactly where you’re going so that life can take you there.

Where is it that you want to go?

If you’re not taking inspired action toward getting what you want, here are a few possible reasons why:

  1. You’re simply not telling yourself the truth about what you want.

    Have you perhaps become confused into thinking you desire something that society, your family or your friends think you should want and have? Dig deeper and explore what it is that you actually want.

  2. An unconscious belief is keeping you from trying to achieve this desire.

    Maybe thoughts like ‘it will take too much time and effort’, ‘I don’t know where to begin’, or ‘I can’t actually make this happen’ are running in the background of your mind without you even realizing it.

  3. An underlying/competing want is preventing your want from coming to fruition.

    For example, a woman says she desires a more peaceful, loving relationship with her partner. Further probing reveals that what she really wants is to be ‘right’. This underlying desire is sabotaging her stated wish for her relationship.

The things our heart longs for the most are valuable clues leading us to our real purpose here on the planet. When we pay attention to what we desire, we learn more about what matters most to us and what we want to prioritize in life.

Tune in and ask yourself, “What is it that I want?”

You already have everything you need to get it. It’s all within you, and awareness and dedicated action will bring it forth. Give yourself permission to receive what you want.

May you have everything your heart truly desires today!

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