Beliefs: Part 1

Let's talk about BELIEF - Part 1!

This month, we’ll be exploring the theme of beliefs. Our beliefs have the power to shape our reality and impact our results. Belief work involves discovering, distinguishing and changing our unconscious, limiting beliefs.

This is Transformation 101 -- the foundation of any personal growth/development work.


So, let's get back to the basics. Anytime you're not getting the results you want is a good time to look into the hidden beliefs that are affecting you without your knowledge or consent.

Here’s the plan for this month’s investigation:

  • Today, we’ll look at the definition of belief and start to uncover the unconscious, limiting beliefs at play in our lives.

  • Next week, we’ll delve into the impact of those beliefs -- how they are shaping our results and reality.

  • Then, we’ll explore what else we might want to believe instead.

  • Finally, we’ll learn some practical ways to shift these limiting beliefs and upgrade them to something more empowering and aligned with our desired results.

  • I’ll leave you with concrete ways to take that new belief and put it into embodied action, so you can start getting more of what you want.

Just what is a belief? According to inspirational Law of Attraction teacher and channel, Esther Hicks, a belief is a thought that you keep thinking over and over. You’ve thought it so many times that it has hardened into a belief that lives in the background and under the radar. It has become “just the way it is”.

Our beliefs are influencing everything!

Beliefs can be sneaky and powerful, because these passive, repetitive thoughts are usually neither loud nor on the surface of our consciousness. Yet our beliefs impact what we see, what we think is possible, and what we’re willing to do. Our beliefs shape how we show up in the world and interact with others.

In what aspect of your life are you not getting the results you want?

Where might you have an unconscious, limiting belief that you can work on?

Grab a sheet of paper or download this PDF to use. You might choose to explore a specific area, such as health/fitness, work/business, love/relationship -- or keep it more general. On the top left side of the paper, write “I want…” and on the top right, “But…”. Fill in the blanks. For example, “I want to feel strong, capable and light on my feet…”.

In the right column, list the reasons why you don’t have this stated desire. “But… being healthy is really hard… requires too much sacrifice… or means not getting what I want.”

Which thoughts have turned into unhelpful beliefs? Because these beliefs have probably been kept for a long time, it will likely require some deep contemplation and honesty with ourselves to uncover them.

Look for yourself -- what underlying beliefs are present? See you next week, when we’ll take a closer look at the impact of these beliefs!



In case you missed it:

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Ashlie Woods